Bar-End Heating Systems

Bar-End Heating Systems

Inductoheat™ Induction bar-end heating equipment is available for many sizes and shapes of parts. Multiple bar ends can be heated using differing types of induction coils. The powerful combination of advanced engineering, product innovation and over 55 years experience in induction heating has made Inductoheat™ the world leader in billet and bar heating equipment.



Inductotherm Group Turkey

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Email: inducto@inductotherm.com.tr


• IGBT and SCR technology
• Units can heat bar ends or midsections with appropriate coils
• One to ten heating stations offered as standard
• Can be easily customized to work with many popular press configurations
• Automated integration available

Tech Specs

Power Output 50kW to 500kW
Output Frequency 1000hz, 3000hZ, 10000hZ
Coil Configuration Channel, oval, solenoid
Water system Stand-alone closed loop recirculation system


• Pyrometer
• Load vees
• Water cooled end stops
• Indicator lights
• Multiple bar automation options depending on application
• Multiple coil protection options (rails, liners and plates)