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Inductotherm Original Equipment Replacement Parts

Maintain Your Melting System’s High Level of Quality, Reliability& Performance

They are known as “substitute” parts, “non-standard” parts, and, if disguised by a counterfeit lnductotherm name and part number,  they may even be known as “pirate” parts.

No matter what you call them, these non-lnductotherm replacement parts can mean trouble for the foundries which rely on their  performance.

Unlike lnductotherm original equipment replacement parts, most “substitute” parts are made for general industrial use and are not built to sustain the demands of rigorous foundry conditions.

They also are not manufactured to lnductotherm’s stringent quality and performance specifications. And most do not meet the exacting operating tolerances required to properly interface with lnductotherm’s advanced technology.

As a result, these parts often fail prematurely or otherwise reduce the operating efficiency of your melting equipment. They can even damage other components in the circuit.

If  replacement parts are needed for the maintenance or repair of your lnductotherm equipment, you can count on lnductotherm original equipment replacement parts and components to protect your melting system’s high level of quality, reliability and performance.

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The Highest Standards of Quality

lnductotherm requires that all its parts and components are built to meet the highest standards of quality. Whether a part is made by lnductotherm directly or manufactured by others to lnductotherm’s specifications, lnductotherm ensures that only the highest quality materials and workmanship go into producing that part. This standard of quality is maintained by a comprehensive quality assurance program at lnductotherm and by thorough inspections of materials received from our suppliers.


lnductotherm parts and components are fully tested in our modern Test Department before we ship them to you. This assures that the lnductotherm quality you expect is there.

Outstanding Warranty Protection

lnductotherm replacement parts, except consumables, are guaranteed against failure for 12 months from installation or 18 months from shipping, whichever comes first.

Technical Assistance

A major advantage you receive with lnductotherm’s original equipment replacement parts is the technical assistance avail- able 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our parts special- ists. They can help you identify the exact part you need and arrange for it to be shipped to you the fastest way possible.

In fact, with lnductotherm’s substantial inventory of parts, we are able to ship most of the replacement part orders the same day the order is received.

Ordering Parts

The best way to order the original equipment/part is by the lnductotherm part number (IP#), a 6 or more digit number found on many lnductotherm parts. But if the part you need does not show an IP#, there are several other ways to identify the specific part to order.

Prior Order – If you have ordered the part before, check your lnductotherm invoice or packing slip. Either of these documents will show the IP# of each part ordered. A detailed record of previous orders is maintained by lnductotherm.

Parts List – Every new lnductotherm system is shipped with full documentation, including a complete list of the parts used in the system. IP#s can be obtained from this list.

VIP Serial Number – lnductotherm’s parts specialists may use your VIP unit’s serial number to refer to your system’s original drawings and parts lists and help you identify the specific part or parts you need (some restrictions apply).

Description – Even if you do not have IP#s or serial numbers, lnductotherm’s knowledgeable parts specialists can help you to identify the exact part you need from your description or other information provided.

Finally, lnductotherm’s parts specialists can provide you with quick and accurate price quotes, a choice of shipping options and will let you know if there are any upgrades applicable to your system that will enable it to operate with even greater efficiency.

lnductotherm quality,outstanding warranty protection and around-the-clock technical support are all major advantages of lnductotherm original equipment replacement parts.