Company Information

Inductotherm Group Turkey is the world’s leading and largest manufacturer of induction melting and heating systems for the metals industry. Our main products include induction-melting furnaces and induction power supplies, charging and preheating systems, automatic pouring systems and computer control systems.

As you know, Inductotherm Group incorporates a worldwide network of companies providing a full range of induction melting and heating systems for the metals and advanced materials industry. Inductotherm Group Turkey offers the best quality in  accordance with  the  recent  technology as  a  part  of  the Inductotherm Group  worldwide network.

Inductotherm Group Turkey is established in 1990 and started manufacturing melting and heating   systems in Türkiye with Inductotherm Group standards and technology. Inductotherm Group Turkey is the first induction furnace manufacturer company manufactures in accordance to CE requirements in TÜRKİYE. Since 1999 we own ISO 9001 QMS certification too.  And we are exporting to Middle East, Balkans and Turkish countries.

We would be pleased to cooperate with your esteemed company and please do not hesitate to contact us from +90 262 646 3424 if you have any specific questions.