Aluminium  –  Industry Heavyweights

Aluminum Processing

Whether you say “aluminium” or “aluminium,” if you smelt, melt, cast, extrude, forge, draw, weld or just heat this lightweight metal, your capital equipment supplier should be the industry’s heavyweights. The Inductotherm Group companies are clearly the most reputable around the world.  They design, build, and service today’s most technologically advanced equipment from their facilities spanning the globe. Their products are used in a broad spectrum of industry applications and range from the world’s largest tilting holding furnaces to highly automated induction welding systems for tubing.

Copper –  Inductotherm Group companies take copper processing out of the Bronze Age

Copper Processing

Before the dawn of recorded history, man discovered he could make useful tools from copper and its alloys.  Today, the metal that was first made into simple axes and arrowheads is the essential ingredient in products ranging from water systems and church bells to electrical transmission networks and computer chips.

And customers of Inductotherm Group companies are involved in producing virtually every one of them.  Our customers use our thermal processing systems to melt, cast, form, atomize, roll, forge, extrude, draw, solder, braze, weld, groove, cut, bond and coat copper and its alloys.

Inductotherm Group companies also are significant users of high quality copper products.  We use millions of kilograms of copper tubing, bus bars, wires and cables along with copper and brass valves, pipes and electronic components to build power supplies, induction coils, water pumping systems and other equipment for our customers.

Iron – The Worlds Leading Manufacturers Use Iron Castings Made in Inductotherm Equipped Foundries

Iron Prcessing

The leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, the world’s  largest producer  of ductile  iron pipe and the best known builder of cast iron bathtubs are just a few examples of the worldwide  industry  leading companies  who rely on iron melting, holding, pouring or heating systems built by  lnductotherm   Group  companies.     In   fact,  walk  into  an induction iron foundry anywhere in the world and you are most likely to find that its melt shop is equipped  with lnductotherm furnaces  and  power  supplies.    You also  are  likely to  find lnductotherm    automated   material   charging   systems   and automatic pouring systems.

When  an  automotive  casting  can  just  as  easily come  from  China,  Brazil, Spain  or  the  United States,  it  is  often  the  quality, productivity   and efficiencies   provided   by  lnductotherm   systems  that   give foundries    the   competitive    edge   needed   to   meet   the challenges of the international castings market.

Precious Metals:  Intrinsic Beauty & Practical, Everyday Applications

Precious Metals

Long  before man began using copper  and bronze to make simple  tools, he was creating beautifuI and intricate objects of gold.  Gold was man’s first metal and for  all of recorded  history, gold, silver and, more  recently, platinum were highly  valued both for their intrinsic beauty and as an almost   universal  medium of exchange.

Of course, precious  metals continue to be used throughout  the world  in making beautiful objects and in minting  bullion coins. Today, however, precious  metals offer far more than  glitter. Gold, silver and platinum group metals are performing useful and specialized functions in chemical processes, electronics manufacturing, aero­space and automotive systems, construction,  and in dental care and medicine.

Whether precious  metals are being used to make stunning jewellery  or more commonplace products, it is likely they have been smelted, refined, melted and/or heated with equipment manufactured by lnductotherm Group  companies..

Steel’s Productivity Revolution

Steel Processing

Technological innovation has changed the steel industry in fundamental ways. Modern integrated mills and mini-mills  now produce steel far more efficiently, economically  and with less impact  on the environment than was possible with the steelmaking technologies in use in the past. Steel product  manufacturers also are benefiting from new technologies that enhance productivity and quality.

lnductotherm Group companies are playing a key role in the steel industry’s  productivity revolution by building  technologically advanced production  systems for steelmakers and steel product manufacturers worldwide. These systems include:

  • Innovative direct reduced iron (DRI) production furnaces
  • Modern induction furnaces for producing silicon iron  and steel from sponge iron and/or ferrous scrap
  • Vacuum induction melting furnaces (VIM) for special steel alloy production
  • Vacuum and controlled atmosphere remelting furnaces for special steels
  • Induction Vacuum Ladle (IVL) for alloying  and degassing
  • Energy efficient reheating furnaces for semi-finished products
  • In-line strip annealing, coating and drying systems
  • Induction tin-reflow systems
  • Gas and induction heating systems for forging
  • Heat treating systems
  • Heat and quench, annealing and welding systems for pipe, tube and wire manufacturing
  • Annealing, heating and welding systems for pipe, tube and wire manufacturing
  • Induction furnaces for steel casting production