Containerised Offshore Pipe Heaters

Containerised Offshore Pipe Heaters

To address the needs of field-based pipe jointing and coating operations within the oil and gas sector, Radyne Containerised Offshore Pipe Heaters are a range of portable containerised mobile induction heating systems.

Available in both 10 ft [3 m] and 20 ft [6 m] sea containers, a typical system will include a set of the latest generation Merlin™ clam-shell type induction heating coils, housing two 450TC3 power supplies and dual water chiller systems. The container is fully air conditioned and with its own lighting.

Designed for operation on land, at sea and in some of the world’s most inhospitable and potentially hazardous locations, Radyne fully integrated containerised systems meet the offshore sector’s stringent safety standards as demanded by lay vessel owners and their operators.


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  • Change over switch sited between the two Inverters to enable selection of either unit
  • Built to the offshore standard DNV2.7-1
  • Fully Portable for fast vessel changeover
  • Available in 10 ft [3 m] and 20 ft [6 m] container configurations